Welcome to "Mana" Lineage Server!  8-10-2017

This server is running in South Korea.

The Lineage is an old version back in 2000-2003.
Most players are Koreans. They like pvp all day. Come see us to check out!

Please download the client which is zipped. Extract it, and then  run "FieldServerStart.exe" as an administrator mode after finishing following steps.. Recommend windows 10.

Step 1
Remove Anti-Virus Program from your computer (AVG, Norton, etc)
Download the client

Step 2
Change your UAC (User Account Control) Setting.
Go to Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Account

Change your unicode to Korean
Go to Region and Language Setting -> Administraive tab -> Change system locale...

And restart Computer.

Lastly, join the game. Type /lang english, and then restart game. You also need to type .english to view english server messages instead of korean messges.

Lineage & Lineage 2